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Benefits for your business

Revenue growth

Minimal resources required from your business

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Benefits for your customers

High consumer value

Protection during times of financial uncertainty

Fast payments


of Americans

29% of Americans have no emergency savings.1

1, 2015


of households

70% of households face at least one of the following challenges: Savings‑limited, debt‑challenged or income‑constrained.2

2 The Pew Charitable Trusts, 2015


of insurance customers

Two‑thirds of insurance customers would consider purchasing insurance products from organizations other than insurers.3

3 Accenture Newsroom, Feb. 2014


of households

47% of households indicate that they do not have enough savings to cover a $400 surprise expense.4

4 Federal Reserve, 2015



The average duration of unemployment is 26.2 weeks, or approximately 7 months.5

5 U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015

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