User Agreement

This User Agreement ("Agreement") governs your use of this website to participate in services related to Income Assist®.

You must first register to access this website and you agree to use the website only for the purpose of administering your own website account or as a duly-appointed representative of a Covered Person's estate. We recommend reviewing your Income Assist® Policy or Certificate of Insurance for information on applicable coverage and claim limitations, as well as for restrictions that might impact your use of this website.

This website may change from time to time and this Agreement will be updated to reflect such changes accordingly. Your use of the website, as modified, constitutes your acceptance of any changes to this Agreement.

I. The Services

A. Managing Your Account Through Our Website

To access our website and manage your account, you will need a working connection to the Internet via a web browser on your computer. You are responsible for all costs, expenses and fees related to your access to the website.

We help you protect the security of your information by requiring you to authenticate your identity by way of a User ID and other factors, which may include a password, token and/or challenge questions ("Authentication Factors"). Once we have authenticated you the first time and you have set up your Authentication Factors (click here for information about our security practices), you will be able to do the following through our website each time you sign in:

  1. Enroll in Income Assist®;
  2. Submit claims;
  3. Review the status of claim(s) you have already submitted;
  4. Perform maintenance activities such as updating your contact information; and
  5. Cancel your enrollment in Income Assist®.

B. Your Email Address

You agree to maintain or update the email address that you provide to us when you first register for a website account. We use your email address to communicate with you electronically. Email is not secure and you understand that there are risks associated with communicating via email, including the possibility of unauthorized access, failure to receive emails because they have been misdirected or sent to a spam folder, and your inability to access email due to power outages, hardware or software malfunctions or failures of your computer or mobile device, or matters affecting the Internet or your access to the Internet. Do not rely on email if you need to contact us immediately. For security reasons, we may not be able to respond to certain email requests.

C. Authentication and Security

We help you protect the security of your information by requiring you to authenticate your identity (i.e., prove that you are who you say you are) each and every time you sign in to your website account. You acknowledge and agree that you should not share your sign-in credentials with any other person, and that any use of your sign-in credentials will be relied upon by us, and shall constitute your authorization to complete any transactions that are requested. You agree that if you give your sign-in credentials and access to a recognized device to another, you are authorizing that person to transact on your behalf, and you are responsible for their activity on this website. This means that you must keep your sign-in credentials personal and confidential and not disclose this information to any other person. It is a good idea to protect your security by always closing your web browser after logging out of your website account. If you forget your password, you will be directed through our automated password update process. You may call our toll-free telephone number identified in the "II-J. Contact Us" link on this website with any questions.

D. Website Related Inquiries

You can always call us at the toll-free telephone number listed under "II-J. Contact Us" with technical issues relating to this website.

II. Services Limitations, Liabilities and Remedies

This section provides important information about how your use of the website is limited, how our responsibilities are limited, any related liabilities you may incur and the available remedies you may have.

A. Liability for Unauthorized Activity

If you believe that your Authentication Factors or your website account have been used without your permission, you must contact us immediately. Please call us at the toll-free telephone number listed under "II-J. Contact Us" to report suspected unauthorized access or activity on your account. If you fail to notify us, you may be liable for all unauthorized activity on your account.

B. Timeliness of Information

The information you obtain through your online account is current as of the close of the previous business day.

C. Availability of the Services

From time to time, due to the performance of maintenance, malfunctions or failures of software, equipment, or telecommunications devices, unusual transaction volume or similar reasons the website may not be available for your use. We minimize the periods of time during which access is unavailable. You agree that we shall not be responsible for any loss, damages, costs or expenses which you may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly, as a result of the unavailability of the website or the server, regardless of whether it could be shown that we could have prevented or reduced the duration of such unavailability by taking any action within our reasonable control. We shall also not be responsible for any loss, damages, costs or expenses which you may suffer or incur, directly or indirectly, as a result of your inability to access the server or the website caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by your computer or mobile device, your inability to establish a connection to the Internet, your Internet Service Provider ("ISP") or capacity or other limitations or constraints of the Internet. The website is not intended for use by persons in any jurisdiction or country where such use would be contrary to applicable laws or regulations. We may restrict access to the website during times you are in a country for which use of the website would be prohibited.

D. Denial and Termination of Website Access By Us

We may at any time, with or without cause, and without prior notice to you deny you access to the website. We may terminate this Agreement and your access to the services in whole or in part at any time without prior notice to you. In the event we terminate this Agreement, any claim(s) you have put into process will continue to be evaluated. If you cancel your Income Assist® coverage, we may terminate your access.

E. Termination of Website Access By You

You may terminate your website account and access to the website by calling us at the toll-free telephone number listed under "II-J. Contact Us," or by providing us with a written notice signed by you and mailed to Income Assist®, P.O. Box 740237, Atlanta, GA 30374-0237. The termination will not take effect until we receive it and have a reasonable time to act upon it. Once the termination takes effect, any requests you have made via the website will continue to be evaluated.

F. Governing Law

This Agreement and the website, unless otherwise indicated in the applicable agreement, will be governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Georgia without giving effect to any conflict of laws to the contrary.

G. Severability and Headings

If any terms in this Agreement change due to applicable law or are declared invalid by order of a court, the remaining terms of this Agreement will not be affected, and this Agreement will be interpreted as if the invalid terms had not been placed in this Agreement. The headings in this Agreement are intended only to help organize this Agreement.

H. Limitation of Liability

We have NO LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL, REMOTE OR INDIRECT DAMAGES, for any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to our acts or omissions, our affiliates, or agents, even if such party has been advised of the possibility thereof.

I. Changes to This Agreement

You agree that we may from time to time amend all or any part of this Agreement, including, without limitation, adding additional features and functionality. Your use of the website or any additional features or functionalities after the effective date of the change shall constitute your agreement to be bound by the terms of the change. You should also review this Agreement periodically for any changes.

J. Contact Us

If you have any questions relating to this Agreement, please contact us at Income Assist®, P. O. Box 740237, Atlanta, GA 30374-0237, (866) 453-5616.

Last Updated: 5/2016